Why this; Why now?

imagesMay I start this new chapter in the free-flow of my political psyche with my review of the 2016 election.  As a matter of full disclosure, Dear Reader, it’s important for me to set a few facts before you for your consideration.

I enthusiastically support my local Republican Party as a committeeman for my residential voting district.  Yet as a Republican, I did not support candidate Donald Trump during the GOP primary season.  He seemed too brash, too volatile, too Twittery, too confrontational.  I preferred a more Establishment type; leaning towards Jeb Bush (who I think would have had a better opportunity if he had a different surname), John Masich, Marco Rubio, or even Rand Paul.

However, as a good Republican and an even better American, I fell in line and supported the Trump nomination and election … although I was as surprised as everyone else at the result.  I decided to support whomever the GOP put forth for one single, simple reason.

I hated Hillary Clinton.  Don’t like her.  Cannot trust her.  Would NEVER vote for her!

And so … here we are.

I understand how easy it was for Mr. Trump to connect and bond with ordinary, hard-working, high-minded Americans.  Certainly frustration and anger were factors in his rise.  His liberal opposition likes to say that Donald Trump rose on a wave of such Anger and Frustration.  But my view is that Anger and Frustration was the direct product of years of poor Leadership; broken promises; failure to call things the way WE see them; and a pure desire to turn over the political table and throw the Fear of God into the Washington Establishment.

All well and good … until it comes time to produce.  For a lack of production after the political year we just experienced will guarantee another wave of political revolution that any Republican – moderate or otherwise – will enjoy.

images-1As of this writing, it is just 9 days into the administration of President Donald J. Trump, making it way too soon to begin developing conclusions.  But we can pan a few nuggets from the rushing stream of constant twittering at what seems like warp speed.

President Trump is a Doer, not an Asker.  The Executive Orders are flowing faster than President George W. Bush or President Barack H. Obama can hit a bucket of golf balls.  My only wish here is for a bit of pragmatism and compassion, such as with the temporary immigrant bans.  There is no reason to be turning people away at the Arrivals gate when their approval to immigrate had been issued weeks ago.

Other than that, I believe the United States has every right to issue a temporary ban on immigrants from specific countries (i.e. NOT specific religions) where said countries have been determined to be a security risk.  I do not support banning families, the elderly, or young children.  But there is something to be said about an wave of immigrants largely made up of men and young adults unencumbered by immediate family.

In other words, the group most likely to be a hunting ground for recruits to extremist political views disguised as a religious movement.  That simply is the way it is.

President Trump is not going to change the way he interacts with the Main Stream Media (MSM) or his followers.  We just have to get used to that.

6359453691210392131222221661_twitterIt sounds like The President is going to be managing his administration like the CEO he is.  I believe good Leaders surround themselves with the Best People; hand them the responsibility under a defined philosophy or objectives; and then gets out of the way, lending support where and when necessary.

In that regard, Trump reminds me Ronald Reagan, although it is way too early to make any such comparison.

I am sure we will speak much more about President Trump in the future, so let’s get back to my purpose here.

What I am setting out to do is the promotion of Moderate political beliefs, as representative for a large part of my political makeup.  I believe the “middle” of America is not the same as the Heartland, the Bread Basket, or “flyover country”.  I see the Middle as that largely Silent Majority occupying a broad and deep portion of the American electorate.

The true middle of America is that moderating influence provided by those unfettered by an allegiance to any political philosophy.  The Middle is ground fertile to compromise; a moderating influence over the whole of American politics (really politics anywhere); a political force with which to be reckoned in successful national campaigns; and in providing weight and density poses an obstacle to any radical policy or action.

Unfortunately, the Middle has been largely too silent in recent decades.  Perhaps in reaction to the way all forms of discourse, particularly in our umbilical relationship with the internet, attract the nosiest and more radical factions.

In other words, it’s time the Middle starts ensuring it gets heard!